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Ever need to impress your girlfriend? Read this and it should help you.

  1. Wash everyday
  2. Be yourself
  3. Observe
  4. Give her good presents(you will if you observe your girl’s likes)

Vienna Elementary

Hey guys! You must’ve wondered about how my new school has been. The truth is,it has been great! I made AWESOME friends and  a lovely village!

The village is not that kind of village you live in. It’s made out of sticks and mud, along with mulch. It’s looking great now! You should really see it.

It’s just like middle school at Vienna! You switch classes, and there is Study Zone. The only thing about middle school that is not at Vienna is lockers. Seriously, I would love to have a locker. Maybe you won’t , but I do.

So that’s how my new school is like. Thanks for reading!


My New House

I’m moving into a new house.😊 But I’m really going to miss my friends at my school,Brunson Elementary. Here are some good things:

1.Neighbor said I love you!

2.My own room!

3.A chance of joining seven super girls!

Here’s  my bad things:

1.Not gonna see my BFFs!

2.Brunson Elementary!

3.Miss my neighbors (friends like Mya and Owen)

I’ll find a way to contact them. I hope can be happy in my new house!