Fathers’ Day Ideas

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Father’s Day is approaching soon in June. We must always be ready to celebrate Father’s Day with Dad. Below are some ideas that you can use to celebrate Fathers’ Day that both you and Dad will appreciate.

Idea 1: Make Dad a surprise breakfast. You can make breakfast for everyone else so the  family will eat together when everyone wakes. Make sure to wake up extra early before everyone else (especially your dad) so no one will ruin the surprise. One may help you, but be sure the helper is not your dad.

Below are some suggestions you can use. You don’t have to, but if you’re out of ideas, this is your best shot. I hope Dad likes his breakfast!

  1. French toast and eggs. Toast the the bread and cook the eggs. Goes good with orange juice.
  2. Pancakes and syrup. Anyone can make that!
  3. Oatmeal. It’s so tasty and healthy!
  4. Bojangles. Order some biscuits now!
  5. Take Dad out for breakfast! He’ll love it!

Idea 2: Surprise party. Or even one that’s already planned that Dad knows about! Any type of party is fine, but I suggest you include at least 2 of the following things:

  • cake(or cupcakes)
  • party favors
  • at least 4 presents
  • streamers
  • balloons
  • candles for the cake
  • small treats
  • games at the party (like pin the tail on the horse or truth or dare; look up party games on google for more).
  • music

Idea 3: Bring Dad a gift. If you have no idea what to do, and you don’t want use Idea 1 or 2, do this at least. A card would be best, but there are better gifts  for Dad than that! Use the list below to help you choose:

  • money (in a envelope)
  • a book
  • food Dad loves
  • new tie or suit (or other men’s clothing)
  • electronics
  • new shoes (possibly)
  • collectibles for Dad’s collection
  • a hug or kiss

Like I said, there are better gifts for Dad. Think up of some more. He may appreciate them much better than these!

Idea 4: Do some father/son/daughter things together.  Today could be the day Dad tells you a secret about his life. Something you never knew. Father’s Day is the perfect day for Dad to tell you something.  Below are some things you can spend time doing with Dad:

  • go fishing
  • amusement parks
  • local beer bar
  • golf
  • campingever
  • tickets to basketball/baseball/football game
  • museums
  • take Dad to faraway place
  • fancy restaurants
  • movie
  • local festivals/celebrations
  • hugs and kisses at the end of the day!

Idea 5: Tell Dad thank you! Tell him you love him, and you will never forget him even if he dies. This will motivate him fine!

If you need a good way to end a long day, that’s a hug and kiss. That’s the perfect loving way to end every holiday. Father’s Day is a holiday too, but it isn’t any regular old holiday. Father’s Day is when you show your father how great he has been, how well he cared for you. Tell Dad thank you on Father’s Day!


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